Flying V Coffee Table

Flying V Coffee Table

   This Cline Original one of a kind oversized coffee table speaks visual volumes of unparalleled organic beauty. Here we experience natures succulent story as told thru our fingertips by means of two rare sister Claro walnut slabs harvested over one decade ago from an orchard in the heart of our central valley, here in California. Sliced from the trunk of a 80 year old retired fruit producing soldier, the graft line is visually intact showing natures adaptive process from its english Claro heritage.

   Held effortlessly aloft by oversized twin satin brushed steel towers, this solid 2'' thick slab Claro delivers mesmerizing mirror image grain figure, explosive chatoyance and immense swirling rich contrast that creates a fascinating feast for the eyes second to none. 

dimensions. 45"L x 38"w x 19"tall

SOLD!  we can now build to order & special shipping, allow 6-8 weeks. 


$ 12,200.00